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About You: Candidates and Clients

Whether you are a resident soon to be completing your medical training, or a seasoned physician looking to make a change from your current position, we can help you assess the myriad of opportunities available.

With each physician candidate, CPR:

  • Listens to you.
  • Works with each party to determine what the ideal situation is for the individual and family.
  • Shares current opportunities or tailors a new search based on specific preferences.
  • Protects your confidential search.
  • Determines your job search priorities in order to share the most desirable positions with you.

With each client employer, CPR:

  • Seeks detailed information on the position available and the qualifications of the ideal candidate.
  • Screens the physician candidate in advance so clients are presented with someone who has expressed interest in the opportunity, and who meets the client's qualifications in advance.
  • Protects your hospital/practice anonymity.
  • Saves client's time, energy and resources in the recruitment process.

From the initial contact, to a signed contract, CPR's experienced recruiters are available for you.

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